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Advert Type Species Descending Description Price Descending City Descending State Descending Entry Date/Time
FOR SALE Stimson's Python male For SALE a male of Stimson's python -Antaresia stimsoni - (from Normanton) 200.00 + delivery... $200.00 Marsfield NSW Apr 27-5:28
FOR SALE Centralian Carpet Python For SALE a pair of Centralian (Bredli) Carpet pythons 500.00 + delivery costs. Available as... $300.00 Marsfield NSW Apr 27-5:24
FOR SALE Jungle Pythons yearlings For SALE a yearlings of black and yellow Jungle Pythons starting from 150.00 + delivery costs. 9... $150.00 Marsfield NSW Apr 27-5:17
FOR SALE Jungle Python black/yellow For SALE a breeding pair of Jungle pythons (black and yellow) 700.00 + delivery costs. Available... $400.00 Marsfield NSW Apr 27-5:03
FOR SALE Northern Territory Black-headed python For SALE a pair of Northern Territory Black-headed pythons 900.00 + delivery costs. Available as... $500.00 Marsfield NSW Apr 27-4:57
FOR SALE Morelia (Jungle Jag) Decided to part with my female high yellow Palmerstone Jungle Jag. She is a bit snappy but all her... $650.00 Townsville QLD Apr 18-7:23
FOR SALE diamond python hatchling Diamond Pythons (morelia spilota spilota), hatched 31.01.15. Stunning little pythons, feeds and... $200.00 Mt Gravatt QLD Apr 14-11:10
FOR SALE breeding pair bredli cheap Selling Bredli python breeding pair. Male and Female. 4-5 years. Tame/ never bites or tries.... $300.00 Sydney NSW Apr 13-13:04
FOR SALE Murray Darling Python Selling murray darling python cheap. adult 2-3 years. 6ft long. downsizing collection. $90.00 Sydney NSW Apr 13-12:43
FOR SALE 100% Het Albino Darwin Python Yearlings For Sale: Yearling 100 het for albino Darwin holdbacks. 2 Males & 2 Females available. Bred by... $250.00 Brisbane QLD Apr 8-13:46
FOR SALE Coastal Python For sale coastal python $100.00 lara VIC Apr 7-6:09
FOR SALE Diamond Python For sale young diamond python approx. 3 years $150.00 lara VIC Apr 7-6:07
FOR SALE Eastern Spotted Pythons 2 Eastern Spotted Pythons - both adults. Purchased as males but have not had them sexed. Both... $800.00 Ipswich QLD Apr 6-9:17
FOR SALE Jungle Python Jungle Python - adult male. (was purchased as a male but we have never had him sexed). 1.7... $400.00 Ipswich QLD Apr 6-8:46
FOR SALE Jungle Carpet Python Male Atherton Jungle Python For Sale Approx 5 foot long, ok to handle Nice colour and... $200.00 Brisbane QLD Apr 3-3:21
FOR SALE Albino Carpet Python - Trio Trio of Albino Carpet Pythons. MFF. 2yrs old and 1.2m in length. Fantastic colours and patterns.... $2,000.00 Yass NSW Apr 2-20:57
FOR SALE Rough Scale Pythons - Adult Pair Adult pair of Rough Scale Pythons. 4.5yrs and 1.4m in length. Handle great. Feeding fortnightly on... $700.00 Yass NSW Apr 2-20:56
FOR SALE Olive Python - Adult Male Lovely adult male Olive Python. 5yrs old. A bit over 8ft and weighs 4.5kg. In perfect health,... $350.00 Yass NSW Apr 2-20:56
FOR SALE Murray Darling Python Hatchies - Feeding Well! Pure Murray Darling python hatchies ready now all had 6 feeds with no refusals. These will all be... $200.00 Penrith NSW Apr 2-10:57
FOR SALE Jungle Carlet Pythons Several types of Jungle Carpet Pythons avalible. Black and gold Jungle, Tableland Jungle, diamond... $300.00 SYDNEY NSW Apr 2-1:13
FOR SALE Jaguar Carpet Pythons I have a ranges of Jungle, Diamond & Bredli JAGs. They all hatch around the start of 2015 and have... $700.00 SYDNEY NSW Apr 2-1:08
FOR SALE Coastal carpet python Coastal carpet python hatchlings Hatched 22/12/15 feeding on pinky rats basic wildlife... $90.00 Melbourne VIC Mar 31-0:29
FOR SALE Woma Hatchling woma male ,good looking healthy snake ,feeds very well on small rodents ,pick up sydney... $200.00 Mt Druitt NSW Mar 27-23:08
FOR SALE Black headed pythons High quality black headed python hatchlings available ,both sexs , also one yearling female... $450.00 Mt Druitt NSW Mar 27-23:03
FOR SALE Albino Darwin Carpet Python Albino Darwin Carpet Python Hatchlings - Hatched 29 December 2014. Have had four unassisted feeds... $650.00 Ringwood VIC Jan 25-21:57
FOR SALE Olive Pythons Liasis olivaceus. The beautiful smooth skinned olive python is a uniform light to dark olive-brown... $500.00 Gordon NSW Jun 21-16:07