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FOR SALE Childrens Python Childrens Python 7yrs old fantastic looking snake, easy to handle. 1 metre in length. Good feeder,... $300.00 Sydney NSW Nov 30-5:14
FOR SALE Childrens Python Proven breeder, suitable for competent handler, bit bitey. When his mate was alive used to... $150.00 BELLARA QLD Nov 29-0:25
FOR SALE jungle pythons Brother and sister pair wanted to sell to make room for more diamonds. Great pair of snakes once... $400.00 sydney NSW Nov 8-8:07
FOR SALE pilbara Stimson bright girl feeds well and handles perfect so would be perfect for pet or breeding $200.00 brisbane QLD Nov 6-3:10
FOR SALE spotted striped proven male gentle and quiet feeds on weaners rats from a clean collection $180.00 brisbane QLD Nov 6-1:24
FOR SALE proven jungle male bright honey jungle male handles well and feeds great in jumbo mice proven breeder I've owned for... $200.00 brisbane QLD Nov 6-1:15
FOR SALE Female Caramel Coastal Jag Hi All, I have a 2.5 year old Female caramel (HYPO) coastal Jag for sale. Eats well and ready... $800.00 Sydney NSW Nov 4-5:29
FOR SALE Green Tree Pythons Breeding pair, 2 1/2 years old, ready to breed this season, sarong type, carrying blue... $3,000.00 Parramatta NSW Nov 1-10:10
FOR SALE woma baby tanami womas. eating well. snakes come in container. all you need is a heat mat. 0402452147. ... $200.00 sydney NSW Oct 22-5:33
FOR SALE Blonde Spotted Python Blonde Spotted Python ( female )for sale. Approx: 10 years old. Had since juvenile. Approx: 1.5... $110.00 Mount Waverley VIC Sep 25-5:18
FOR SALE Olive Pythons Liasis olivaceus. The beautiful smooth skinned olive python is a uniform light to dark olive-brown... $500.00 Gordon NSW Jun 21-16:07