Newest Classifieds in Pythons

Advert Type Species Descending Description Price Descending City Descending State Descending Entry Date/Time
FOR SALE Australian GTP's Hatchling Australian Native green tree pythons approx. 8 months old which are breeder holdbacks.... $1,000.00 Sydney NSW Sep 29-1:01
FOR SALE Female Inland Carpet Python Hi I have a beautiful female Inland Carpet Python (Bredli) she is the best thing to handle, eats... $250.00 ANderleigh QLD Sep 26-17:38
FOR SALE Athertoon Tablelands Jungle Python Hi I have a great deal here a female Atherton Tablelands Jungle Python excellent handler and... $200.00 ANderleigh QLD Sep 26-16:55
FOR SALE Beautiful Pure Juvenile Palmerston Jungles Black a I have 4 beauitful pure Palmerston Juveniles left and there going quick they are black with high... $100.00 ANderleigh QLD Sep 26-16:37
FOR SALE Blonde Spotted Python Blonde Spotted Python ( female )for sale. Approx: 10 years old. Had since juvenile. Approx: 1.5... $110.00 Mount Waverley VIC Sep 25-5:18
FOR SALE Black and High Yellow Yearling Pamerston jungles Hi i have a beautiful yearling here, it hasn't been power fed, it's been fed properly to make shore... $200.00 ANderleigh QLD Sep 23-12:24
FOR SALE Pythons for Sale I have an Adult Inland Carpet Python, Atherton Tablelands Jungle Python and juvenile and yearling... $150.00 Anderleigh QLD Sep 23-11:58
FOR SALE Diamond JJ Sib $170 plus enclosure $400 ONO. Diamond JJ Sib 170 plus enclosure 400 ONO. Beautiful 8 month old female. Eating well on... $170.00 Newcastle NSW Sep 19-5:16
FOR SALE Black Headed Python For sale - Adult male black headed python. Approx 6ft. Eats well, sheds well. Quiet to handle.... $700.00 Grafton NSW Aug 5-4:21
FOR SALE Jungle Python black/yellow For SALE a breeding pair of Jungle pythons (black and yellow) 700.00 + delivery costs. Available... $400.00 Marsfield NSW Jul 24-8:00
FOR SALE Jungle Pythons yearlings For SALE a yearlings of black and yellow Jungle Pythons starting from 150.00 + delivery costs. 9... $150.00 Marsfield NSW Jul 24-7:59
FOR SALE Centralian Carpet Python For SALE a pair of Centralian (Bredli) Carpet pythons 500.00 + delivery costs. Available as... $300.00 Marsfield NSW Jul 24-7:59
FOR SALE Stimson's Python male For SALE a male of Stimson's python -Antaresia stimsoni - (from Normanton) 200.00 + delivery... $200.00 Marsfield NSW Jul 24-7:59
FOR SALE Olive Pythons Liasis olivaceus. The beautiful smooth skinned olive python is a uniform light to dark olive-brown... $500.00 Gordon NSW Jun 21-16:07